Hi there! Are you on the web? Recent projects
I’m Attilio Altieri and I’m a PHP developer, passionate about Ubuntu linux and OpenSource software, currently based in Guatemala City.

The services that I offer are: website building, SEO, marketing, mass mailing, PHP development and more related to modern presence on the web.

This website is a showcase of my works, thanks for visiting. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for any question or comment.

Being on the web is a key point if you want to be found and communicate globally.
If you’re a company, a non-profit organization or an individual you need modern tools to get to your customers or constituents. It’s not just a matter of having a web page; you also need to make people find your web page, advertise to people who share your interests, have a presence on social networks and keep the relation with your customers or constituents in a easy way.


Message parsing Scans emails to find friendship relations between sender and addressees, in a recursive way.